Restorative Yoga: Relax and Re-energise with Annie McGhee


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The Wellbeing Centre @ Chenrezig Institute   6:30pm - 4:30pm
Family, General Interest, Hobbies, Social, Special Interest

33 Johnsons Road
Eudlo , Queensland, 4554

Phone: 07 5453 2108

Stay cool and calm this summer taking time to slow down, nurture yourself and surrender to a deeper sense relaxation for your body and mind. We’ll use props to support the body into safe and comfortable positions to facilitate deep relaxation and ease. Resting in each pose you’ll be able to calmly observe your thoughts arising and fading, meeting them with kindness and acceptance.

Restorative yoga emphasizes relaxation and stillness and is appropriate for everyone. We expect this course to sell out. Please book as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. Thursday 25th Jan, 6.30 pm - Saturday 27th Jan, 4.30 pm. Held at  the Wellbeing Centre at Chenrezig Institute.  Facility fee $120. Annie McGhee is a registered yoga teacher who has been practising for more than five decades. She has been a student of Tibetan Buddhism for 20 years.

Apart from the formal study programmes, Chenrezig Institute is a peaceful, calm and relaxing place to spend a few hours, days or weeks. Stroll along the bush paths, wander in formal garden, espresso in the cafe or a vegetarian meal.

Teachers’ availability subject to change; please for updated information.

Also below the far carpark is our new addition ‘The Wellbeing Centre’ which provides courses focusing on cultivating physical, emotional and mental balance and wellbeing. They include authentic traditional and modern psychological approaches to health and lifestyle. They are suitable for everyone who maybe looking for genuine happiness and well-being in a non-religious framework