Pizza e Birra Festival


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Gradi at Crown   12:00pm - 4:00pm

Gradi Crown
8 Whiteman St, Southbank , Australia
Melbourne , Victoria, 3006

Mobile: 03 9347 8203

Enjoying an exquisitely-crafted, traditional Italian pizza can only be topped by pairing its ingredients with the perfect beer. Get it wrong and you're cheating yourself out of one of life's true joys.

La Dolce Italia and Gradi Group invite you to the Pizza e Birra Festival 2018 where traditional Italian taste combinations are brought together against a backdrop of live jazz.

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An event, an experience, a taste sensation this good should not be kept to yourself. Invite friends and family to Pizza e Birra Festival 2018 to enjoy and learn from our onsite experts. They have pizza and beer pairings down to a fine art and know which flavours complement each other and how to ensure the right pizza is matched with the perfect beer. Come along with an open mind, open mouth and an appetite for creativity and craft.

While you can never really go wrong with beer and pizza, you can transform it from a meal to an event – so join us!

You won't be sorry... until closing time

General Admission: AUD 125

Artists: Bekkii O'Connor, Sarah Maclaine, Johnny Di Francesco

Category: Food / Drink | Beer