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Woodfordia   8:00am - 5:00pm
Art, Family, Hobbies, Special Interest

87 Woodrow Road
Woodford, Queensland, 4514


In this six-day artisan class you will learn a combination of traditional handmade boot-making skills and decorative leather techniques. 

A fusion of craft and art, this intensive course covers basic pattern making, leather cutting and sewing, decorative and design techniques, 'lasting' and 'soling'.

Day one:  introduction to tools, materials and process.  Making a pattern and insole, basic mock up.

Day two: finish mock up. Cut leather upper, design boot theme, decorating with various techniques including hand dying and pyrography.

Day three: continue to decorate uppers.

Day four: skiving, component making, stitching. Begin lasting boots.

Day five: Last boots.

Day six: Soling.

All materials are included in the class price. Learn more about the host Pendragon.

Payment plan available.

Artisan Camp, a range of distinctive classes led by masters of their craft, is held each year leading up to our annual Planting festival at the stunning Woodfordia festival site. Complimentary morning yoga, meal packages and half price Planting tickets are available for Artisan Campees. 

For a full list of masterclasses available, booking and more information, please visit

The Artisan Camp is followed by The Planting, to which campers get half price tickets.