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Woodfordia   8:00am - 5:00pm
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87 Woodrow Road
Woodford, Queensland, 4514


Over three days you will explore the rich, tactile medium of oils. Once you learn the basics you will find that oils are easy to use. Chris's expert teaching will guide you through a variety of techniques to unlock your individual artistic style in this supported class of experimentation and expression.

Learn to build layers of transparent colour in order to reflect a depth and substance that can only be achieved with this compelling and unerring medium. Experiment with brushes and mark making and the myriad of techniques that can used to take advantage of the luscious colour and texture of oils. With these skills in your basket of tricks you will see how an artist is able to apply their own impression on the world in a way that will be uniquely yours.


The main aim of the class is to identify each participant’s individual painting style and develop those skills to complete a work that is distinctly their own in the method of En Plein Air (painting outdoors). This is a highly practical class that will be held outdoors, with a sheltered option only in the case of inclement weather. Please wear a hat and sunscreen and bring old clothes or an apron to protect your clothing from paint. Oils do not wash out.

Day One

  • Sketches, exercises, skills building and practice activities
  • Composition and subject selection
  • The alla prima oil painting method
  • Brushes and palette knife techniques
  • Colour mixing, use of mediums and solvents
  • Outdoor painting consideration
  • Complete a quick first day study
  • Analyse to determine individual painting styles 

Day Two

  • Continue skills building, sketches and begin chosen En Plein Air Scene painting
  • Gather resources and develop ideas for a larger work
  • Discuss sketches, layout, colour schemes and composition.
  • Begin your final work

Day Three

  • Continuation and completion of En Plein Air Scene
  • Completion of your work with individual tuition and guidance throughout the entire process

All materials are included in the price of this class. Learn more about the host, Chris Southwell.

Payment plan available.

Artisan Camp, a range of distinctive classes led by masters of their craft, is held each year leading up to our annual Planting festival at the stunning Woodfordia festival site. Complimentary morning yoga, meal packages and half price Planting tickets are available for Artisan Campees. 

For a full list of masterclasses available, booking and more information, please visit

The Artisan Camp is followed by The Planting, to which campers get half price tickets.