A Heart Full of Story - An Afternoon of Storytelling, Spontaneity and Surprise


A Heart Full of Story - An Afternoon of Storytelling, Spontaneity and Surprise Image

Cooran Hall King Street Cooran   2:00pm - 5:00pm
Family, General Interest, Theatre

COORAN, Queensland

Phone: 0420 280 661

A HEART FULL OF STORY An Afternoon Of Storytelling Spontaneity And Surprise

It was once told that somewhere, perhaps in this world, perhaps in some other world, there exists a giant warehouse full of all the stories told and yet to be told.

It was once told that when there is a need for one of these stories, the Spirit of that Story would fly out of the warehouse and into the body and heart and mind of one who would tell the story to those who came to listen.

On Sunday January 20th, the Cooran Hall will open its doors and come alive with some of those stories that have landed in the heart and body and mind of Storyteller Rachel Welsh.

Inheriting the “gift of the gab” from her Mother, Rachel has developed her skills in the art and craft of performance and community Storytelling within Australia and overseas and was a finalist in the Woodford Folk Festivals Spirit of Woodford Original Story award in 2012 and 2013.

With a heart full of love, warmth and delight and a voice that will slow you down and draw you in, Storyteller Rachel will share with you beautifully crafted stories told heart to heart, eye to eye and mind to mind.

Storyteller Rachel believes the sharing of stories, both traditional and personal, can remind us of our shared humanity, our innate creativity as human beings, our connection to the earth and all her inhabitants and awaken us to the joy, wonder and greater mysteries of life.

Rachel is offering this afternoon of Storytelling before she departs for South Africa where she will deepen her skills as a community and performance Storyteller in an immersive five week full time Storytelling in Community course.

Expect a little big of magic and a dash of joy and wonder. The afternoon will be thoughtful and thought provoking, playful and profound, gentle and encouraging, creative and connecting.

And of course, where there is Story there must be the sharing of food. So, a cuppa, cake and time for a chat, is included in the afternoon.


ADULTS AND AGES 12+ $20 / $5


Rachel Welsh 0420280661