The Gut - Brain Connection - Why Gut Health is Important For Your Mind


The Gut - Brain Connection - Why Gut Health is Important For Your Mind Image
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Rivershore Resort   6:30pm - 9:00pm
Family, General Interest, Kids, Seniors, Special Interest

99 David Low Way
Diddillibah, Queensland, 4559

Phone: 0449 803 203

The gut is often referred to as the "second brain" due to the close relationship between gut health and brain functioning.

About this Event

Our body's health and wellbeing depend almost entirely on the gut. The river of life, as it flows through our body, has far-reaching effects on the rest of the body. One thing affects another and everything works together. It is complex and yet it can be simple. Let us show you how it all fits together and what you can do to support the process.

In this comprehensive workshop, we will examine:

** how the gut works and what can go wrong

** gut health - the barometer to emotions, moods and behaviour

** things we do that are just not smart

** how our epigenetic field is shaping our health

** what's in the pantry - simple steps to make it work

** are you preparing food in the wrong way?

** what we can do to cleanse our 'house'

Be inspired to make simple changes to Connect You to the Amazing YOU.

The Presenter: Berit Munro, doTERRA Diamond, [MSc. Melb (Anatomy), DipEd, Cert.Food Hygiene, PMC, NatNutritionist [st]

A Wellness Educator with over 35 years experience nationally and internationally, Berit specialises in simplifying the complex in such a way that they are easily understood. A mother to four amazing children and grandmother, she travels the world to share natural wellness solutions and is passionate about empowering others.

“It’s all about balance – your mind, your body, your spirit – keep it simple and keep it natural. My mission is to inspire you to become an informed natural solutions seeker and to Connect You to the AMAZING YOU. Tap into your own health and wellness wisdom - you have got it - find it - use it.”