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TELEHEALTH consultations are now available to all our existing patients - primarily by telephone but also possible in video. When you book online you can choose TeleHealth consult and then choose an appointment time as usual. Your phone number and email will be recorded into our appointment book and your GP will use that number to call you at that time. Please double check that your displayed number is correct. Please make sure you are available to answer your phone when our doctor calls, allowing some flexibility in the time as your GP may be running a bit late with consults.

Flu Vaccinations are now available. It is flu vaccine season again and limited stocks of flu vaccine have arrived. Please CALL to enquire about flu vaccines and appointment availability.

COVID-19 Corona Virus  Many people contact us with concerns they may have COVID-19. You are justified to be concerned and if you fit criteria you can be tested at dedicated pathology centres. The COVID-19 symptoms are FEVER, COUGH, SORE THROAT and SHORTNESS of BREATH. If you are concerned, please stay at home and call or book online for a telephone consultation about it. We will determine your best course of action. To avoid potentially spreading the virus please wash your hands often with soap, cover your cough or sneeze and avoid others.

Please remember if you feel your symptoms are urgent please ring 000.

Click the following link to book a consultation with any of our GPs if you are usual patient of our clinic:
Bundilla Clinic
Brightwater Medical Centre
Parklands Medical Centre