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Thought Transformation Weekend Course with Ven Ailsa Cameron

9.00am Saturday 31st July to 4.00pmSunday 1st August

In the Gompa and online

Thought transformation teachings (also called ‘mind training’) are quite revolutionary practices designed to turn your usual way of responding to people and events on its head.

They teach us practical methods for our daily lives, ways to transform hardships and adversities into the path to enlightenment. It’s a perfect teaching for people trying to figure how to integrate the Buddhist teachings with everyday life in these very challenging times!

Ven Ailsa Cameron, famous for her amazing efforts with our annual Nyung Nay retreats, will teach this weekend course suitable for all our students, old and new.  The course will focus on thought transformation as it is explained specifically in Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche’s book Transforming Problems into Happiness and the text that it is based on, Utilizing Suffering and Happiness in the Path toEnlightenment. Ven Ailsa was the first and major editor of this very precious book and possibly knows it’s meaning better than anyone (except Rinpoche of course). We are very fortunate to have her agree to teach from it now!

To register, email with the following details:
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- Whether you would like to purchase lunch on the day and whether you'd like accommodation if the course is more than one day

Zoom and YouTube links will be available closer to the time.

There is a recommended donation of $108 for the weekend but no one should miss out on teachings because of financial difficulties. Please donate as much as you are able to help Chenrezig Institute to continue to offer the Buddhadharma at the centre and online.

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It is important to put ‘Ven Ailsa ThoughtTransformation’ in the comments box.

Delicious vegetarian lunch available for $14.50 from the Big Love cafe. Please book meals in advance on

Teachers’ availability subject to change; please check for updated information.

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