Green Things - Edible Herbs and Weeds with Dee Humphreys


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Yandina Community Gardens   9:30am - 11:30am
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41 Farrell Street
Yandina, Queensland, 4561

Phone: 07 5446 7373

Dee Humphreys is an organic gardener and educator. Dee’s enthusiasm for eating what she grows and using all things 'green' for health is infectious.

Come along to this Workshop and you will walk away with a better understanding of how and why to use 'GREEN THINGS' (herbs and weeds) in your daily life! BEWARE, you may even come to respect weeds and celebrate them popping up in your garden unannounced! (Don't spray them, EAT THEM!)

Please see below for more information about Dee Humphreys.

Cost: $5 Non-Members, Gold coin for Members, Free to Regular Volunteers

Bookings are NOT required.

This workshop is part of YCG's Cultivating a Sustainable Community Program which is proudly supported by Sunshine Coast Council.

Dee Humphreys has spent the past eleven years exploring practical uses for a range of herbs and weeds that grow easily on the Sunshine Coast. Dee and Ian ran the 'Garden of Eatin', a magical 10 acres of edible gardens where they taught people through educational Garden Tours. The focus was on eating what they and Mother Nature grew (edible greens).

Last year Dee and Ian moved to a suburban block (592m2) and set about planting an abundant edible garden in the small space around their home, while respecting Mother Nature's useful and often nutritious weed contributions. Within 2 months they were harvesting 'green goodies' from their 11 raised garden beds, 2 lowset gardens and the guilds planted around their 59 new fruit trees. All this within the small space around their home.

Eating nutritious herbs and weeds from their garden (all things 'green') is Dee's passion and she is always happy to share her knowledge and enthusiasm for edible greens.