The Micro Communities in your Soil


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Yandina Community Gardens   9:30am - 11:30am
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41 Farrell Street
Yandina, Queensland, 4561

Phone: 07 5446 7373

The micro - communities in your soil with Marina Alonso (PhD in Soil Microbiology) and Peter Taylor (Bioremediation Agent)

Soil microbes, what are they? and what are they doing? The microbes in soil and plants form active and diverse communities that influence both soil qualities and plant health. Similar to your local community, most microbial community members play positive roles, some play negative roles and then there's 'the others', that seem to play no specific role at all.

This is a great opportunity to learn a thing or two about the micro life in soils, the multiple roles these micro - organisms play in plant and soil health and how you can utilise these microbes in your garden or veggie patch.

Peter Taylor has worked with Biota Booster (microbial product) for 3 years and has observed the influence of the beneficial microbes in Biota Booster on plant growth in a variety of plants. Biota Booster is a microbial product that contains a combination of beneficial microbes in a liquid format.

Marina Alonso is a soil microbiologist with a horticulture background. Her research involved assessing changes in microbial diversity and populations after the application of compost in vineyard soils. Marina will introduce the world of soil microbes, while Peter will share his observations on the Biota Booster product.

Cost: $5 Non-Members, Gold coin for Members, Free to Regular Volunteers

Bookings are NOT required.

This workshop is part of YCG's Cultivating a Sustainable Community Program which is proudly supported by Sunshine Coast Council.